Northern Colorado Homeschool Association (NCHA) is a group of homeschooling parents and children (aged infant through high school). The majority of our families live on the Northern Colorado Front Range (Fort Collins - Loveland Area). We are an inclusive, secular, eclectic, local, member-run organization that honors the diversity of homeschoolers.

Our reasons for homeschooling differ, as do our styles of and approaches to education. What we share is a respect for all learners and a desire to support one another. We welcome anyone who has an interest in educating their children at home.

Teen Subgroup

We now have a special subgroup of NCHA for teens, NCHA Youth. This group provides fun, learning, & service opportunities designed to address the unique needs and interests of older homeschoolers.

Some past Youth activities include: a beach party at Lake Loveland, various game days like Settlers of Catan, rock climbing workshop, family bowling event, field trip to the Museum of Nature and Science, movie days, BMX fun, Dungeons & Dragons Club, Summer Hangout Tuesdays, and community service at the House of Neighborly Service and Animal House Dog Shelter. NCHA Youth activities & events are designed to provide a sense of community for a group of homeschoolers that may feel out of place at general gatherings, and to allow children to develop some independence from parents and younger siblings if mutually desired. Some events are designed specifically for our teens, while at others younger siblings are also welcome.

Generally, the youth group includes children ages 13 & up. Parents are welcome to attend all gatherings, and have the option to make arrangements to send or leave their children with another parent to foster independence.